Justine Triet: “Steven Spielberg commissioned a script from us!”

Justine Triet: “Steven Spielberg commissioned a script from us!”

The American director loved Anatomy of a Fall.

We will know in a few hours if Anatomy of a fall will leave Los Angeles with one or more Oscars. Whatever happens, the adventure of the film, which won two Golden Globe awards, is already incredible. Particularly for the improbable encounters experienced by its director, Justine TrietAnd Arthur Harariwho co-wrote the screenplay.

On the Oscars red carpet, Justine Triet delivered a scoop to Canal Plus, recounting their meeting with Steven Spielberg a month ago.

Steven Spielberg was crazy, Arthur ended up next to him at the table at the Oscars lunch, and they talked for an hour. It turns out he wanted us to meet, and he commissioned a script from us, it's the most absurd thing we've ever experienced. What he liked about the film was the very popular side, it was a nice compliment for us obviously.

Arthur Harari confirmed the discussion with Spielberg but weighed his partner's announcement: “It was completely random to find ourselves next to him, we talked a lot, no there is no project at all, but he seemed to be very interested in the scenario.”

While Justine Triet explained to him that she had said more to Didier Allouch and Antoine de Caunes, the director and screenwriter continued to kick in: “No, he told us I would like one day to write me a screenplay of this level of complexity, so I fell off my chair“. The anecdote confirms in any case thatAnatomy of a fall seduced Hollywood.

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