Kerry Washington and Glenn Close join Knives Out 3

Kerry Washington and Glenn Close join Knives Out 3

Suspects and victims of Benoit Blanc's (Daniel Craig) new investigation are cast in dribs and drabs.

Barely officially announced, under the title Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery and with a release on Netflix in 2025 in sight, At Knives Out 3 is already seeing its cast fill with stars. As for the first two opuses released in 2019 and 2022, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) will lead the investigation surrounded by very popular actors, from all generations.

Were thus first chosen Josh O'Connorrecently acclaimed for The Crown And Challengers, And Cailee Spaenythe young heroine of Priscilla And Civil Warwho will soon face the Xenomorphs of the new Alien. Then Andrew Scottfamous “sexy priest” of Fleabag, but also terrible Moriarty of Sherlock against Benedict Cumberbatch, or more recently Ripley For Netflix, has been announced. Less than 24 hours later, here we are Kerry Washington And Glenn Close in turn join the distribution without a false note of Knives Out 3.

Obviously, we do not yet know what roles the leading actresses of Django Unchained and Dangerous Liaisons, Ryan Johnson and its teams wanting to keep this new secret as much as possible “whodunit” inspired by classic criminal works (the screenwriter and director cited Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr when announcing the title of this sequel), but also by today's world and its excesses. Johnson promised to say more soon about Wake Up Dead Manwhich, remember, refers to a U2 song, like the titles of the first two opuses, “Knives Out” And “Glass Onions”evoked hits by Radiohead and the Beatles respectively.

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