Kevin Costner breaks the silence and reveals his truth about his departure from Yellowstone

Kevin Costner really wants to return to Yellowstone one day!

The actor has a clear idea of ​​how he wants to end John Dutton's story.

While his new two-part western, Horizonwill be screened in Cannes in a few weeks, Kevin Costner did not forget Yellowstone however. The actor, dismissed by production after overly restrictive requests (fee, veto, adjusted filming schedule, etc.), says he is now ready to resume his role of John Dutton if asked. Except that tensions were high behind the scenes of production, and it's hard to imagine that happening now. Moreover, he himself confesses that he should feel “really comfortable“.

For now, John Dutton has been cut from the story (we don't yet know how) by the creator Taylor Sheridan who finished the scripts for the second half of season 5 of Yellowstone. But Kevin Costner do not disarm:

“I would have liked to have been able to do season 5B but it couldn't happen… I loved doing this series. I did 5 seasons of it, I was thinking of doing 7, but for the moment we we're at 5… So if it still works, and I hope it continues, maybe they'll come back to me. And if that's the case and I feel really comfortable with it I would love to come back to Yellowstone.”

The actor particularly wants to have the opportunity to complete the story of John Dutton: “I kind of had my own fantasy about what John's end might be. But that's Taylor's (Sheridan) thing. I told him that a while ago, I shared with him my way of seeing the end… So we'll see.”

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