Kevin Costner shared a photo of his very first role for his birthday

Kevin Costner shared a photo of his very first role for his birthday

The Bodyguard and Yellowstone actor doesn’t seem proud of his participation in Malibu Hot Summer (1981).

Kevin Costner celebrated its 69th birthday on Thursday January 18 and for the occasion, we had to make an Instagram post. The distinguished actor shared a photo of his very first appearance in the cinema, writing: “It’s crazy to think that we come so far“.

It is in cowboy attire that the features of a Kevin Costner in the prime of life can be guessed. The young man, 19 years old at the time, was filming in Malibu Hot Summer (1981), a film where three young women, Janice, Dit and Cheryl, go to a house in Malibu. One of them dreams of becoming an actress, another wants to be a singer: the world of showbiz has many surprises in store for them. The three accomplices uninhibitedly satisfy all their desires.

I’m celebrating another year today and I want to take the time to honor this little guy who had big dreams. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It’s thanks to your support that I was able to make my dreams come true.”

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Malibu Hot Summer unfortunately remained famous for its unpopularity. The acting is generally catastrophic and there is plenty of nudity without it being justified. Shot in 1974, the film was released late, when the fame of Kevin Costner exploded. In the 1980s, he also sought to acquire the rights to keep the film out of public view… But he failed, Troma having declined his successful offer to ride on the popularity of the actor.

Here is an extract from the film that the interpreter of Bodyguard :

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A few decades later, Kevin Costner assume! And he restores his cowboy image with Horizon: An American Sagaa two-part epic about conquering the Wild West.

When casting the project, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington And Luke Wilson. The first chapter should be released on June 28, 2024. Here is its teaser:

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