La La Land, Blue Valentine, Barbie: A little musical break with Ryan Gosling

La La Land, Blue Valentine, Barbie: A little musical break with Ryan Gosling

A look back at the songs that marked the actor’s career.

La La Landthe musical event with Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling, will return this evening on M6. In 2016, its director Damien Chazelle (whiplash) wanted to pay homage to this cinematographic genre by telling the love story between an actress and a pianist in Hollywood. The two young people go be charmed by singing and dancingdrawing inspiration in passing from classics such as West Side Story, Let’s sing in the rain Or grease. “A surprising homage to the golden age of Hollywood musicals,An American in Parisby Vincent Minnelli, to New York, New Yorkby Martin Scorsese, it is a film that not only renews the genre, but gives it a new lease of life, explained Alberto Barbera welcoming him to the Venice Film Festival. whiplash revealed a new director, La La Land is his consecration, his definitive entry into the club of the best filmmakers of the moment in Hollywood”.

This popular film marks the occasion to reflect on the actor’s other career Ryan Gosling. Because if he broke through in Hollywood as an actor, he is also an excellent singer, guitarist, bassist and pianist, who released an original album there in 2009 with his group Dead Man’s Bones. It is he who interprets “City of Stars” Or “A Lovely Night” In La La Landand this is not the first time that he has pushed the ditty in the cinema.

First therefore offers you a little musical break in his company while waiting to hear it again Barbie, by Greta Gerwig. His name also appears in the listing for the film’s soundtrack, along with a track titled “I’m Just Ken”. This has not yet been officially unveiled by Warner Bros.

Thanks Mickey
Ten years before making his film debut, Ryan was already a star on the small screen. Like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera And Justin Timberlake, he made himself known thanks to the Mickey Mouse Club at the age of only 11 years. They filmed sketches there for the small screen and often went on stage to perform fashionable songs, like here “Cry For You”of Jodeciin 1991.

Film music
In 2004, Ryan signed three songs: “The Pickup Song”, “Touch Me”And “Wake” on the romantic comedy soundtrack Wild Roomies, in which he does not play. He will rewrite a new song for the cinema ten years later for his first production, Lost River, a dreamlike film in which we don’t see him either. Several tracks from his 2009 album have also been used in feature films (see below).

Lost River: Ryan Gosling’s first film is a slap in the face

Ryan also sings in the cinema
If we can hear the voice of Ryan Gosling in movies without seeing him on screen, there are also a few instances where he does both. In A bride by like the othersreleased in 2007, he takes for example “LOVE”And In The Place Beyond The Pineshe interprets “Borriquito” for a moment. The most famous example, however, remains his walk in front of michelle williams In Blue Valentine :

Dead Man’s Bones or the perfect album for Halloween
Gosling loves music so much that he released an album in October 2009 with his accomplice Zach Shields. In a gothic style at will (the lyrics evoke ghosts and haunted places), he sings, plays the piano, the bass and the guitar, while his friend mainly takes care of the percussion (we also hear his voice, sometimes) . For this project, they called on a children’s choir, the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir, created by Fleathe bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppersand there was apparently a great vibe during the recording:

Several tracks from this original album have been used in films, such as “In the Room Where You Sleep” In Conjuring Or “Lose Your Soul” at the beginning of The Battle of Solferino.

When Ryan Gosling presented its first production at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, First had taken advantage of his selection to ask him if he had been inspired by the song “Buried In Water” to write this story of a submerged city in which a teenager named… Bones evolves. “You can say that but it’s an old story, he replied amused. One day, when I was a kid, I saw this road that plunged directly into the river, and my mother let me know. She taught me that the river I grew up near actually covered ancient buried villages. Cornwall, the city where I lived, was on the route of the St. Lawrence Seaway, a canal had to be built to allow boats to pass from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes and so many villages were flooded on its passage. The idea that I was able to bathe above a submerged city traumatized me quite a bit! In addition, my mother saw fit to add that some graves could not be moved so I probably swam over corpses when I was a kid…”. Here is the video:

Ryan Gosling: ‘I wanted Lost River to be a trip in itself’

Pianist, singer… but not a whistler for La La Land

The 2017 musical is certainly the most famous film in which Ryan Gosling combines his two passions (for now, because Barbie can cardboard and “I am Just Ken” become a hit!). Justin Hurwitz, its composer, found when the public became fans of “City of Stars” : “Actually, I was the one who recorded the whistles for that title. I don’t know if anyone from the team ever talked about it? Maybe Ryan was a good whistler. Maybe he tried for this scene? I don’t know. Anyway, Damien liked the way I whistled, so it’s me that we hear in the film. I remember that while preparing the film, the whistled part was originally sung. Sebastian was supposed to get into a counter-melody, but when (Benj) Pasek and (Justin) Paul reworked the lyrics, just as Emma and Ryan were learning their lines, Ryan told us that he thought his part didn’t fit. any sense. He found her ‘forced’ and he was right. But as I really like the counter-melody, I asked him if his character could whistle instead. He agreed and that’s how this whistled passage was born.”

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