Watch 2 minutes of the Daryl Dixon series between Marseille and the Pont du Gard

Watch 2 minutes of the Daryl Dixon series between Marseille and the Pont du Gard

A long excerpt from the first episode has just been unveiled and shows where the biker will run aground in France…

We begin, little by little, to understand the journey that will await Daryl Dixon in his series walking dead, the next spin-off. During the last episode of DeadCitythe American channel AMC unveiled a long extract of 2 minutes, showing how the biker from Virginia will end up on the French shores.

Not long ago, a short teaser showed us Daryl drifting on the Atlantic Ocean… The hull of his canoe will obviously drift right inside the Strait of Gibraltar to come crashing down… on the Mediterranean coast! Indeed, the video in question shows us Norman Reedus in Marseille. Or rather Daryl in an old post-apocalyptic port. Recording a message, he reveals he’s gone “Looking for something… but all I found was trouble!“What exactly is he looking for? Rick? Michonne?

In any case, he is not going to let go and off he goes across France, on a vast pedestrian adventure. From Marseille, Daryl Dixon finds itself on the Pont du Gard (24 hour walk according to Google Maps) then on the crests of a mountainous relief which could be the Cévennes massif… Obviously, the France of The Walking Dead is completely empty. There is not anybody. The country is completely deserted. But one can read on a wall this inscription in the language of Molière:power of the living“. Find out what that means…

Above all, Daryl’s French trip promises to be long, since we know that he will find himself, at some point, on the other side of the country, on the side of Mont-Saint-Michel, 900 kilometers away!

Daryl Dixon airs this fall on AMC.

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