One Piece in "live action": Netflix delivers a fun and spectacular trailer

Behind the scenes of the highly anticipated adaptation of One Piece (video)

Netflix reveals the making of its adaptation of the famous manga in live-action.

One Piece collect titanic statistics. Published in France since 2000, the manga has 106 volumes and the anime has 1070 episodes while the series is still in progress (in both formats)! THE shōnen (category of manga initially intended for rather masculine teenagers, even if it is no longer so compartmentalized today) created by Eiichiro Oda is a huge international success, so much so that the platform netflix challenged himself to make an adaptation in real shots, or live action. One Piece follows the adventures of Luffy, a young boy dreaming of finding the One Piece, a legendary treasure and becoming the Pirate King. Accompanied by his band of friends, each more singular than the next, Luffy, who has the ability to make his body elastic, sails on the seas and connects adventures and adversaries.

In the version live actionLuffy is portrayed by Inaki Godoywho is very enthusiastic about the reception of the film by fans in the making-of posted by the platform: “People will love this One Piece in live action that brings their favorite characters to life.” He affirms that the series will be made both for fans but also for neophytes who wish to discover the universe created by oda. The creator was also very present in the development of the project, as stated by the showrunner and executive producer matt owens : “Oda-sensei and his team accompanied us throughout.The video reveals some footage of the promised show as well as an introduction to the cast of Luffy’s crew. alongsideInaki Godoy, Mackenyu will be the interpreter of Zoro, the swordsman with three sabers; Emily Rudd will be Nami the thief; Jacob Romero will be Usopp the sniper and Taz Skylar will be Sanji the cook.

The series promises to be rich in action and adventure, to develop its own identity while paying homage to the now cult work of Eiichiro Oda. One Piece will be available on netflix on August 31, 2023.

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