Love Is (Not) a Losing Game: Amy Winehouse tops the French box office

Love Is (Not) a Losing Game: Amy Winehouse tops the French box office

Exit Paul Atréides, Zendaya, Thierry Lhermitte and Mathieu Kassovitz come into play (Source: Le Film Français).

With 367,818 tickets sold, Back to Black stands at the top of the French box office for the week. Sam Taylor-Johnson signs a film introducing Marisa Abela in Amy Winehouse, and which comes close to the figures reached by the latest musical biopics. It's less good than Bob Marley: One Lovea real phenomenon which brought together more than 770,000 spectators, but better than Rocketmanreleased in 2019 and dedicated to Elton John, which attracted 277,000 curious people. The director's fourth feature film, it is her second biggest success after the incomparable Fifty Shades of grey and its 2 million entries in the first week.

Amy Winehouse steals the show Jack Black and to Tenacious Dwho produced part of the soundtrack for Kung Fu Panda 4. The Dreamworks animated film therefore fell one place in the ranking, with 282,000 spectators, and therefore 17% less attendance. This is the second time in five weeks of operation that the panda Po has allowed himself to be dethroned by a monster (here, from the song): Godzilla and Kong had already undermined his reign by winning first place three weeks ago. With this hindsight, Kung Fu Panda 4 remains for the moment dead last in the Dreamworks franchise: the film has accumulated 2.08 million admissions compared to 2.42 million at the same stage for the third part.

Signing the reunion of Thierry Lhermitte And André Dussollier Since Terrible Gardens (2003), Never confess rises to third place in this top 10 entries with more than 234,000 tickets sold in total. Twenty years later, the tandem is doing less well than for the dramatic comedy of Jean Becker, which attracted more than 300,000 spectators. Salacious comedy, Never confess still makes a good start, the best of its director's filmography, Ivan Calberac (The Student and Monsieur Henri, The tasting).

In a completely different register, Brothers hot on the heels of this comedy with nearly 234,000 admissions for its first week of operation. Adapted from the true story of two children abandoned by their mother and living in the forest for years, this drama by Olivier Casas does better thanA roll of the dicethe latest film by and with Yvan Attal released last year, and which attracted 221,196 spectators in its first week. The actor still does better than his partner Charlotte Gainsbourgon display in We, the Leroysthe film of Florent Bernard, which fell from sixth to last place in the ranking for its third week, with 117,000 spectators. Still honorable figures for a first feature, which has a total of 483,533 admissions.

Behind Brotherstwo films for young audiences which both landed in this top 10. Ducobu goes green secures fifth place at the French box office for its fourth week with more than 218,000 admissions for a total of 841,000 spectators. Always last in the saga of the dunce student (the other parts of which all ended up exceeding the million mark), he nevertheless passes in front The Ice Menacelatest addition from another franchise: that of Ghostbusters. For its third week in the rankings, the Sony film moves to sixth with a total of more than 760,000 tickets sold. A score which allows him to exceed the figures of Ghostbusters: Legacy (620,000 entries in total), and to rank third in the saga of Ghostbustersfar behind the first two films.

6-7. Beaten by the ghost race, tennis still secured seventh place in the rankings with 195,000 spectators coming to see the match being played between Zendaya, Josh O'Connor And Mike Faist. Challengers marks the best start in the filmography of Luca Guadagninoexceeding 108,500 admissions in the first week of its biggest success, Call Me By Your Name. It is still the worst French start of a film with Zendaya, incomparable to the millions generated by the saga Dune And Spiderman. Small disappointment, the actress-producer will not have succeeded in seeing two of her films in the ranking at the same time, Dune 2 having plummeted to sixteenth place at the French box office.

Another collapse, that of journalists on a suicide mission Civil War, who for their second week of operation returned their silver medal and moved to eighth place in the ranking. 173,000 curious people came to discover the A24 film signed Alex Garland last week, for a total of 457,000 spectators. Figures which do not prevent Civil War to achieve the best scores in the British director's filmography, far ahead of the average of 70,000 admissions for Men And Ex machina.

The monsters ofAdam Wingard are also struggling to stay at the top of the rankings with 159,000 spectators this week. For its fourth week of operation, Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom still exceeds the million spectator mark.

Next week will see a duel for first place that surprised everyone: A little something extrathe first film ofArtuscreated a real tidal wave for its first day of operation, surpassing the scores of The Fall Guy which we nevertheless considered to be the big outing of the week. We will see if this trend holds over time, or if the family comedy was pushed by this May 1st.

Here is the French box office for the week of April 24 to 30, 2024:

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