What are we watching this weekend?  Viggo Mortensen's western, Pierre Niney's Fiasco, an existential road movie...

What are we watching this weekend? Viggo Mortensen's western, Pierre Niney's Fiasco, an existential road movie…

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The film in theaters: Till the end of the world by Viggo Mortensen

A superb classic western, with saloon and pianist, sheriffs and mustaches, colts and landscapes, which Viggo Mortensen – in front of and behind the camera, and also with the music – takes great pleasure in diverting via unexpected sideways (the construction in flashbacks, chivalry, feminism, the French language…), which we follow guided by Vicky Krieps, decidedly dazzling.

What's new at the cinema this week

Series : Fiasco by Igor Gotesman

Eight years after their meeting on Five, Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney combine their forces to tell the story behind the scenes of a catastrophic shoot. Very fashionable subject (Cut!, Making of…) that the duo has the good idea of ​​taking from the angle of mockumentary : seven often hilarious episodes, between moments of assumed discomfort and completely crazy situations. There screw comica by Niney and François Civil (exceptional in the role of the false peroxide producer “Barthabé”) does the rest. A series that could save you from this rainy weekend.

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The film in streaming: Drive my Car by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

Barely coming down from his Evil does not existstill in theaters, you can (re)hit the road aboard the red SAAB of its Drive my carCannes Screenplay Prize 2021. This existential road movie about a theater director still inhabited by the voice of his wife who has just passed away, can be seen in the light of this magnificent line: “ To understand others, you must first be able to look yourself in the face. » At the end of the long road (3 hours) which passes like a letter in the post, the spectator will have breathed to the falsely indolent rhythm of the mental chaos of his dark hero. Great movie.

Watch Drive my Car streaming on Arte.tv

The film on VOD: The First Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue

Despite its title, and the fact that it is a derivative product of one of the biggest Japanese franchises, do not be afraid: The First Slam Dunk is a complete and complete work. The story of a crucial basketball match between two teams of high school students, interspersed with flashbacks depicting their intersecting and colliding destinies. It is indeed a question of drawing: produced by the author of the manga himself, the immense Takehiko Inoué, The First Slam Dunk begins with a succession of drawings and sketches which take shape better and better before our eyes, which literally take on flesh and life – and the film becomes not only a pure, exciting and racy basketball film but a real cartoon.

Watch The First Slam Dunk on VOD on Première Max

The classic : Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace by George Lucas

Episode I, a classic? Let's say that the fiasco of Episode 9 – and, more generally, the Star Wars stagnation operated by Disney – once again made it possible to reevaluate George Lucas' prelogy upwards. On the eve of its Honorary Palme d'Or at the next Cannes Film Festival, we can once again see the famous Episode I in theaters, 25 years after its American release (you realize: in 1999, we had to wait until October to see it at home). The Star Wars of Jar Jar Binks and the midichlorians, certainly, but also that of Darth Maul, Amidala, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, the one where Lucas is (almost) alone at the helm and makes the film that 'he wants. A kids' movie, of course. And an arthouse film, certainly.

The Phantom Menace was released in theaters this Wednesday, and also available on Disney+

The documentary: Gregory Peck, the gentleman actor

With his deep voice, his elegance and his imposing stature, he marked the golden age of Hollywood. But it was his seasoned idealism that made his career so unique. Anti-racist, opposed to McCarthyism and the Vietnam War, Peck was not afraid to mix cinema and politics, like his role as a lawyer defending a black man wrongly accused of rape in Silence and shadows. Although he also played some memorable bastards, like the Nazi doctor in These boys who came from Brazil.

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