MCU's Beloved Witch Agatha Returns in Magical Trailer

MCU’s Beloved Witch Agatha Returns in Magical Trailer

Hop on your broomsticks and set off in search of the Witches’ Road.

“It’s been Agatha all along…” A little tune hummed by Marvel fans since episode 7 of WandaVisionwhen the inconsolable Wanda had created an entire world by the power of her mind. Except that her neighbor Agnes was not fooled: Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch, had tried to oppose the Scarlet Witch to steal her powers. But it was she who was finally defeated, imprisoned by Wanda in her false identity…

Three years later, Kathryn Hahn is back on a broom for the direct sequel: Agatha All Along. This new Marvel series will be a crazy magical tale in the Hocus Pocusideal for Halloween, as revealed in the first trailer (below):

What will we talk about? Agatha All Along ?

Hostage to her character, Agatha Harkness no longer knows who she is. Plunged into a detective series setting with a false air of Mare of Easttown (with Kate Winslet), Agnes has apparently become an investigator for the criminal police. She investigates the crime scene and is greeted by a familiar face: Herb, neighbor of dear Wanda in WandaVision. The investigation in question leads him to autopsy a corpse found in a forest… and which seems to be that of the Scarlet Witch as indicated by the name written in the morgue: W. Maximoff. Because yes, as a reminder, the latter had given up the ghost in Doctor Strange 2.

Enter another witch, played by Aubrey Plaza (Legion) : “Is that really how you see yourself?“The enchantress named Rio Vidale comes to free Agatha from her mental prison. But it is not enough for her to be able to find the immensity of her powers. Supported by the young Billy Kaplan, alias Wiccan, played by Joe Locke (Heartstopper) and with the help of her sisters – Patti LuPone (a regular in the genre thanks to Ryan Murphy and his multiple appearances in the series American Horror Story), Ali Ahn (The Diplomat), Sasheer Zamata And Debra Jo Rupp (already seen in WandaVision (as the wife of Vision’s boss), Agatha searches for the Witches’ Road. If she can pass a series of magical and deadly tests, perhaps she can get her powers back?

Punctuated by the song “Seven Devils” by Florence and the Machine, evoking exorcism and demons, Agatha All Along plays on the codes and clichés associated with witches: riding brooms, occult forces and Ouija boards. In the manner of Doctor Strange 2 Standing out in the landscape with its darkness, this series promises to be frightening.

Joe Schaeffer, screenwriter on WandaVision returns as executive producer. Agatha All Along will be available to discover from September 19 on Disney + in France.

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