Mission Impossible 7: behind the scenes of another crazy stunt with Tom Cruise (video)

Mission Impossible 7: behind the scenes of another crazy stunt with Tom Cruise (video)

After jumping off a cliff on a motorbike, why not follow up with a high-speed proximity flight?

Epic music, dramatic voice-over, and dynamic editing… The new featurette of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part 1 is almost as intense as the movie itself. In this making-off video, we discover an impressive new stunt performed by Tom Cruise. Because yes, even after jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle, Ethan has not finished throwing himself into the void.

Tom Cruise has indeed practiced speed-riding, this technique which consists of flying at more than 80 km/h very close to the ground, and playing with the reliefs. An extreme sport that requires a certain mastery of the machine to avoid cracking your skull against a rock. And that, we captured it well in this short video released by Paramount Pictures a few days ago. “The slightest gust of wind could put Tom in danger”recalls in particular Christopher McQuarrie, director. Fortunately, the actor had a few years to train, although that didn’t stop the rest of the team from being “petrified” behind the scenes on D-Day.

This scene also represented a technical challenge for the film crews, who had to film Tom Cruise without approaching him in a drone, let alone in a helicopter. So they developed a gimbal system, which allowed cameras to be hung on either side of the actor. Operated from a helicopter, they offer spectacular images of the famous leap into the void.

Upon landing, Cruise also had to aim the camera, and land right on the pre-set target to get the perfect end shot. But beware, new difficulty: he had to avoid the impact at all costs with the huge moving pickup located right next to this famous mark (otherwise, it’s too easy). But as usual, the actor was able to stay in one piece while accomplishing his mission with flying colors. The proof is: the release of the film is still scheduled for July 12.

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