Mission impossible 7 starts less well than expected at the American box office

Mission impossible 7 starts less well than expected at the American box office

Dead Reckoning part 1 is catching up internationally, but it was outrageously expensive…

One year after the huge success of Top Gun: Maverickwe expected better for the new blockbuster of Tom Cruise. A few weeks ago, we were still predicting mission impossible 7 a first weekend at 65 million dollars, which would have made it the best launch of the saga in the United States. Despite its excellent critical and public reception (96% on Rotten Tomatoes and an “A” rating on Cinemascore), Dead Reckoning part 1 did worse than expected at the domestic box office.

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With $56 million over three days, mission impossible 7 go ahead Rogue Nation : (55.5 million), but remains behind mission impossible 2 (57.8 million) and fallout (61.2 million), the previous part released in July 2018. But it should be noted that MI7 benefited from an early release on Wednesday, and therefore garnered $80 million in revenue in 5 days. If we add its 155 million in revenue abroad, the film’s overall box office is already $235 million, a record for the franchise.

Difficult to speak of failure with such figures. But the problem of mission impossible 7 is that it cost a fortune to produce, with its crazy stunts filmed all over the world and the disruptions suffered by filming due to the Covid. We are talking about a budget of 291 million dollars, excluding marketing. To become profitable, Dead Reckoning part 1 will therefore have to continue to perform well in the coming weeks, despite competition from Barbie And Oppenheimerwhich comes out this Wednesday.

During this time, Sound of Freedom confirms its status as the surprise success of the summer. This story of child trafficking is progressing by 25% for its second weekend and has already amassed 85 million dollars for a 14 million budget! This allows him to double Insidious: The Red Doorwhich accumulates on its side 56 million dollars.

Finally, two Disney films complete the top 5: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinywhich totals $145 million in North America and $302 million worldwide, and Elementary, the new Pixar, which brought in 125 million on the domestic market and 311 million globally. Honorable scores but there too a little fair for very expensive productions. What if Hollywood revised its budgets downwards?

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