House of the Dragon: the filming of season 2 can continue despite the strike

House of the Dragon: the filming of season 2 can continue despite the strike

Most of the actors in the series are British, and cannot go on strike by law.

House of the Dragon escapes the hecatomb of Hollywood. While the actors joined the screenwriters in their strike action last week, jeopardizing many shoots, HBO assured that the production of the spin off of Game Of Thrones was going to continue as planned, reports Deadline.

The reason ? Although the series is American, the cast is mostly British, and does not work on contracts managed by SAG-AFTRA, the main American union that spearheaded the movement. Last week, after 12 days of negotiations, the organization failed to reach an agreement with the studios, and therefore urged its 160,000 members to cease all work.

The cast of House of the Dragonhe depends for the most part on contracts governed by Equity, a British union which does not authorize its members to go on strike.

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The position of the actors concerning the current working conditions is not known to date. But even if they wanted to go on strike, they would have a hard time. The UK has strict laws that don’t allow them to boycott filming.

“We were told by SAG-AFTRA that his strike was legal under US law, but our UK lawyers told us it was not under UK law. An artist who joins the strike in the UK will have no protection against dismissal or prosecution for breach of contract by the producer or employer”Equity Corporate Secretary Paul W. Fleming said in a statement.

The series had already narrowly escaped the first stage of the strike, driven by the writers, since the scripts were completed before the start of the movement.

house of the dragon season 2 likely won’t premiere until 2024 on HBO Max. Next to Emma d’Arcy, Matt Smith And Olivia Cookewe will find new faces: Gayle Rankin (GLOW), Freddie Fox (Slow Horses), Simon Russell Beale (Penny Dreadful) And Abubakar Salim (Raised by Wolves).

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