Netflix hunts UFOs in its docuseries Encounters: trailer

Netflix hunts UFOs in its docuseries Encounters: trailer

If you also believe that the Truth is elsewhere…

“The first time I saw something in the sky, I was really hesitant to talk about it…“Witnesses from all over the world tell in Encounters: Witnesses of a Different Kindthe new docuseries from Netflix, this day when they crossed paths with an unexplained phenomenon…

This saga of reports produced by Yon Motskin, in four episodes, will delve into these life stories, for those who want to believe.

Produced by Amblin Television, Boardwalk Pictures (Emmy Award-winning studio) and Vice Studios, Encounters: Witnesses of a Different Kind travels the globe to tell four true and extraordinary stories of otherworldly phenomena. Each well-researched episode tackles its own subject: from strange lights in the sky of a small Texas town, to submersible spaceships haunting a coastal village in Wales, to an encounter between aliens and schoolchildren from Zimbabwe and a non-human intelligence that would disrupt the operation of a nuclear power plant in Japan.

Between testimonies from the main people involved – at the very scene of the events – and interviews with great scientists and members of military personnel, the series goes beyond the boundaries of science to reveal the profoundly human impact of these encounters on lives and families. and entire communities. Despite the geographic, temporal and cultural diversity of these events, this timeless investigative documentary highlights disturbing similarities as well as an astonishing truth: extraterrestrial encounters are a global phenomenon and are as impressive as they are unimaginable. .

Released September 27 on Netflix.

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