The crazy opening of the John Wick series is revealed now

The crazy opening of the John Wick series is revealed now

3 minutes of gun fighting in the corridors of The Continental.

No doubt, we are at home John Wick ! Lionsgate studio has just released the opening scene of The Continental, series derived from the film saga led by Keanu Reeves. This very first sequence of the first episode takes us into the corridors of the famous New York hotel, in the 1970s. We see a certain Frankie (played by Ben Robson) caught stealing something from the hotel’s safe. The Continental. All the gunslingers on duty then rush after him. A huge three-minute gun fight ensues as the burglar tries to make his way up the stairs of the establishment… But what could he have stolen?

In this new story, we will find this setting several decades before the misadventures of John Wick : in the 1970s. Colin Woodell (The Flight Attendant) plays the role of young Winston, played so far by Ian McShane, Ayomide Adegun (soon in the prequel to Hunger Games) plays Charon, a popular character in the saga who had the traits of Lance Reddick, recently disappeared. Among the new characters, there is notably Mel Gibson as Cormac, the former boss of the Continental who calls Winston to account, whose brother has committed irreparable crimes. Katie McGrath (Supergirl) is also in the casting.

The Continental will be a three-part event to discover on the platform from September 22 on Prime Video in France.

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