Netflix is ​​already canceling its series with Michelle Yeoh

Netflix is ​​already canceling its series with Michelle Yeoh

The Sun Brothers, by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, will not have a second season.

Carried by the names of Brad Falchuk (Glee, American Horror Story) and of Michelle YeohOscar winner last year, The Sun Brothers is Netflix's new little nugget. A family drama as much as an action comedy, it features Charles, the eldest son of a family closely linked to a Taipei triad, who returns to Los Angeles to help his family threatened by enemies of the organization: there finds his mother, a pure product of the Chinese mafia, and his brother, candid, who knows nothing of his family's activities. But now, just two months after the broadcast of the first season, on January 4, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series, revealing Deadline.

However, she had everything to please: Brad Falchuk at the helm with Byron Wucrazy action scenes, carefully choreographed martial arts fights, a touch of sarcastic humor, a royal cast with Michelle Yeoh, Justin Dog, Sam Song Li, Joon Lee And Highdee Kuan… The series generated positive reviews, particularly praising Michelle Yeoh's performance as a merciless mother figure.

Michelle Yeoh is a mob boss in the muscular Sun Brothers trailer

As for the figures, they were generally there: the season managed to climb into the Top 10 of the most watched English-speaking Netflix series for five weeks, even reaching second place in the ranking for a time. But that was not enough for the platform, doubtful in the face of inconclusive results according to its criteria. It is true that the number of views has never exceeded seven million per week, even going down to two million for its last two weeks in the Top 10. A crippling observation for Netflix, which has decided to stop the fees.

A decision to which Justin Dog (Charles Sun in the series) reacts in an Instagram story: “Thank you for accompanying us in this effort of work and love. Thanks to your love, our collective work, our sacrifices and our headaches are worth it”, he addresses disappointed fans of the series. No hard feelings, he also thanks Netflix “for giving a platform to our story and giving me the opportunity to play the role of my dreams”.

The series, which revealed many young talents like Justin Chien, is still available on Netflix.

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