No, the president in Civil War is not based on Donald Trump

No, the president in Civil War is not based on Donald Trump

“It's what the audience brings to the table that matters,” says Alex Garland about the character played by Nick Offerman.

Presented at the South by Southwest festival last March, Civil Warthe latest filmAlex Garland is making a lot of noise, although its official release is only scheduled for April 17. The reason ? This realistic dystopia represents an America fractured by a civil war, traveled by a group of journalists (played by Kristen Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny And Stephen McKinley Henderson) invested with a perilous mission: to interview the President of the United States of America, played by Nick Offermanand along the way document the errors of a society in distress.

In the current socio-political context, this film has a particularly bitter taste. Remember that this year will take place round no. 2 of an election opposing Joe Biden has Donald Trump. However, according to its director, Civil War does not constitute a Manichean painting of American society. Asked about the resemblance of the character played by Nick Offerman, a fascist president in decline, to the leader of the Republican Party and former president of the United States, Alex Garland responds:

“Nowhere in this story is it indicated on which political side this president began his term (…). He may be a fascist at the time we meet him, but we can assume that he is not. did not say during his first term (…). The film puts this in the hands of the spectators. Nick is interesting in that he refuses to be read into him… What matters is that. is what the viewer brings to it.”

The final trailer for Civil War promises a great spectacle

Reported by the media The Atlantichis words echo those that Cailee Spaeny confided to our editorial staff:

Civil War is pure fiction which does not intend to predict anything. Cinema allows us to exorcise our fears and ask questions about what is beyond us. When I read the script, I was frightened by this vision of the world which, if we accept its phantasmagorical part, finds correspondences with our present.”

In short, what Alex Garland offers the viewer is a blank canvas on which to project themselves. Everything is a matter of perspective.

While waiting to be able to discover the film in theaters on April 17, here are the first images:

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