Notting Hill: The comedy that makes you happy (review)

Notting Hill: The comedy that makes you happy (review)

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant are courting tonight on television.

TMC will rebroadcast this evening Love at first sight in Notting Hillof Roger Michell, a great classic of romantic comedy from Great Britain.

The story ? “When one morning, Anna Scott, the most famous actress in Hollywood, walks through the door of William Thacket’s bookstore, located in the charming district of Notting Hill, west of London, the bookseller is unaware that a great adventure. Through a series of coincidences like only destiny can bring about, William and Anna experience an astonishing, endearing encounter. When the star calls him back some time later, William doesn’t dare believe it.

In 1999, Julia Roberts presented Love at First Sight in Notting Hill in Première

In 1995, Four Weddings and a Funeral had established itself as the romantic comedy of its generation. Four years later, Hugh Grant found the screenwriter Richard Curtis (director, Mike Newellwas approached to direct the film but declined due to incompatibility of schedule) in this Love at first sight in Notting Hill which still remains today one of his most famous romantic comedy seducer roles in his filmography.

Forming a glamorous couple like rarely with Julia Robertsthe British actor is at the base of what was a new triumph in theaters with 4.5 million admissions in France. A largely deserved success for a film which has managed to register, according to Firstin the tradition of great romantic comedies: “There is (…), as in all tales, a slightly regressive pleasure in this too beautiful adjustment of destinies. But it is this pleasure that makes you happy and immediately makes you want to run a bookstore“.

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