Jean-Marc Vallée avoids clichés with CRAZY (review)

Jean-Marc Vallée avoids clichés with CRAZY (review)

Before Dallas Buyers Club, Wild and Big Little Lies, the director had conquered the public thanks to this Quebec film.

Disappeared suddenly at Christmas 2021, Jean-Marc Vallee was an acclaimed filmmaker. For Dallas Buyers Club, Wild or the quality of its series Big Little Liesbut also for CRAZY., released in 2005. In this small Quebec production carried by Michel Côté, Marc-André Grondin and Danielle Proulx, he told the story of a young homosexual growing up in a religious family. It was a big hit for First when it comes out, and as it will return this evening on France 4, we can only advise it too much.

Here is our review of CRAZY : Avoiding clichés about the hormonal ferment inherent in adolescence, Vallée describes with rare accuracy this state of transition where the adult in the making tries to free himself from the parental model to write his own story. (…) Beyond simple artistic success, CRAZY develops fundamental themes (filiation, sexuality, tolerance) that go beyond fiction to question us personally. In short, run for it!

And its trailer:

Wild, the winning combo of Reese Witherspoon, Nick Hornby and Jean-Marc Vallée

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