Ocean's Eleven: George Clooney's good joke that convinced Julia Roberts to join the cast

Ocean's Eleven: George Clooney's good joke that convinced Julia Roberts to join the cast

The actor sent $20 to “the star who was getting $20 million per movie.”

George Clooney is never stingy with anecdotes! After confirming thathe gave $1 million to his 14 closest friends in small cuts (we thought it was an urban legend, but no!), he explained in 2020 that he couldn't help but laugh when seeing his ridiculous dance in O'Brother, by the Coen brothers. As soon as he mentions Batman & Robinthe actor also begins to giggle nervously…

Clooney loves “pranks”and his friends who are victims of his bad jokes pay him back!

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About the trilogy Ocean'sthe first episode of which will return this Sunday on TF1 Séries Films (followed by Final Heista thriller in the same vein), he confirms that he has excellent memories of the trilogy shot between 2001 and 2007 and has remained friends with a good part of the cast.

With Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, they are famous for making jokes during takes (with the aim of making each other burst out laughing), and this good understanding continues outside of filming. Clooney also reveals that he had the idea of ​​offering the role of his ex-wife to Julia Roberts with a valve… before even meeting her!

“I didn't know her, we had never met before, he explains, smiling.. On the other hand, I knew that she earned 20 million dollars per film. We had just hired Brad and Matt on Ocean's 11 and we dreamed of her doing it with us, so I put a $20 bill on the script that I sent her, with a message that said: 'I heard you make $20 a movie now?'“.

A little post which obviously amused the actress, since she signed for the films. That said, she already got along very well with Brad Pitt, with whom she had just filmed in The Mexicanby Gore Verbinski.

“She was wonderful, adds Clooney, it was spectacular to work with her. And it was really on this film that Brad and Matt became friends, before making other films together. From the first day, the flow flowed. With them, it was easy and fun.”

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