Invincible: everything we already know about season 3

Invincible: everything we already know about season 3

The Prime Video animated super-series has just completed its season 2. Creator Robert Kirkman gives an update on the sequel.

Eight short episodes, and it's already the end ofInvincible, season 2. The final episode is online on Prime Video, and fortunately, season 3 is already in sight. Spoiler alert!

The finale first saw Mark confront dimension teleporter Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown). After crossing a Spidermana Batman and even zombies a la Walking DeadOmni-Man's son was forced to kill his opponent…”I'm pretty sure Marvel discovered our version of Spider-Man today. We didn't call any Marvel lawyers or anything. This is the job of Amazon's legal department“, answers Robert Kirkman in an interview with Variety. The creator ofInvinciblethe comic book then the series, immediately reveals more about what season 3 has in store.

When will season 3 be released?'Invincible ?

He doesn't say it specifically, but there won't be three years to wait this time. A priori, season 3 is already well advanced since “we worked simultaneously on season 2 and season 3” said Robert Kirkman. “We're too far into Season 3 to even learn anything from Season 2, but I think we're picking up on some things…” He suggests in particular that it should also be cut into two parts.

Who will be the villains of season 3?

“The Viltrumites as a whole” assures the creator. General Kregg take more space. “They have established themselves as the major threat for this series. There will always be other villains, like Angstrom Levy, who pop up and maybe become the main antagonist for a season or two, but the underlying thrust of the show will always be what's going on with the Viltrumite threat.”

Which new characters will appear in season 3?

Two legendary Viltrumites will appear a priori: Conquest and Thragg. “Without saying who it is, I can reveal that one of these two characters has already been cast“, reveals Kirkman. It should be noted that Thragg is quite simply the strongest Viltrumite ever seen among the Viltrumites. Furthermore, we should see more of Oliver, who will age quickly, due to his Thraxan blood: “Yes, you can definitely expect this character to age quickly like he did in the comics. I won't say where he'll be when Season 3 begins. But we'll definitely see different versions of him along the way.”

What love story for Mark Grayson?

His relationship with Eve was clearly boosted in the finale. And it's not for nothing. “What we see at the end of season 2 is in some ways the first step in the evolution of their relationship. This is the story that is really going to be one of the central aspects of season 3: what is their relationship, where is it going, how does it change and evolve? It remains to be seen whether they will officially get together or not.”

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