The Simpsons parody The Bear in a crazy new video, for an engaging episode

The Simpsons parody The Bear in a crazy new video, for an engaging episode

Marge unionizes and goes on a crusade against ghost kitchens.

In episode 17 of season 4, Homer became a union leader at the nuclear power plant, opposing Mr. Burns, trying to abolish the social benefits of his workers. 30 years after this Strike at the power plant, The Simpsons will once again address workers' rights in the next very political episode, which will talk about the minimum wage and will be called “Night of the Living Wage.” An episode which will obviously echo the strike which paralyzed Hollywood last year. Besides, Cesar Mazariegoswho wrote the episode, was one of the leaders of the WGA movement.

This time, it's Marge who will revolt. When a big vet bill has just fallen, she accepts a job in a “ghost kitchen”, for a food delivery service “GimmeChow”. In this scene posted online by Variety, we discover how overworked she is. A sequence obviously inspired by the series The Bear and the episode “Review”. This will lead Marge to unionize her co-workers and “GimmeChow” to fight back.

“The idea came from the fact that immersing technology in work is often a good excuse to try to fool workers”explains Mazariegos in Variety. “Turn your house into a hotel, your car into a taxi and have no health insurance! We did an episode on unionism with Homer, but it's an episode 30 years old. What can we say about unionism today “Today, fought at every moment by these multi-billion dollar companies? This is an area that we wanted to explore. By showing this ghost kitchen, we show that, although deliveries are easy, we cannot see that these are people who get fucked and earn a penny by working themselves to death…”

This episode of Simpson will be seen this Sunday on Fox. The series is available in France on Disney Plus.

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