Of money and blood: Xavier Giannoli recounts the heist of the century (teaser)

Of money and blood: Xavier Giannoli recounts the heist of the century (teaser)

Vincent Lindon in pursuit of the duo of crooks Niels Schneider/Ramzy Bedia.

After a Cesarean triumph, it is on the Canal+ platform that the director oflost illusionsXavier Giannoli, is back with a thriller in 12 episodes. A first series for which he was freely inspired by the book/investigation silver and blood from the Mediapart journalist Fabrice Arfi (published in 2018 by Editions du Seuil), the series tells “the scam of the century”. And the tickets fly from the first images, which are already very electric. The pitch is also dizzying: “Billions gone up in smoke on the new financial market for carbon quotas invented to fight against global warming. (…)”. At the origin of this heist of the century: the association of two street urchins from Belleville with, on the other side of the social scale, a young man from the upscale neighborhoods.

Of the amorous betrayal of Impatient bodies (2003) at The Appearance (2018), about a young girl who says she saw the Virgin, passing by Originally (2009) and his fake site manager truly invested in his mission, the master of illusion never ceases to probe the relationship to lies and human passions to the worst.

“When I discovered this investigation, I perceived a fictional dynamic in it”he confided to Télérama last February. “How could crooks, who grew up on the sidewalks of Belleville, have been able to embezzle billions from the brains of Bercy? let’s believe it”he added.

2 years ago, Vincent Lindon embodied a senior French police officer, media boss of narcotics in State Scandal Investigation. A role of authority that visibly sticks to his skin when he will play in the series customs inspector Simon Weynachter under the direction of Giannoli, with whom he had already collaborated in The Appearance. From drug trafficking to the carbon mafia, there is only one step. Following the tragic death of Gaspard ulliel in January 2022, it is Niels Schneiderwith whom he had shared the poster in Sybil And A people and their king, who was chosen to replace the comedian. We will find by his side Ramzy Bediabut also Judith Chemla, David Ayala and the Franco-Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko.

Xavier Giannoli’s series silver and bloodan original Canal+ creation, is part of the selection of the 80th Venice Film Festival. She has not yet revealed her release date.

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