Off-season: a great and beautiful love film (review)

Off-season: a great and beautiful love film (review)

Stéphane Brizé recounts a dormant passion which little by little resurfaces, carried by the incandescent alchemy between Alba Rohrwacher and Guillaume Canet.

We tend to forget him but before his exploration of the world of work with The law of the market, In war And Another world, Stéphane Brizé started by talking about love. In The Blue of Citieshis first feature in 1999, followed by I am not here to be loved, Between adults And Miss Chambon, which earned him his only César to date. With Out of seasonco-written by Marie Drucker, it therefore reconnects with the origins of its cinema, in a gesture of pure romanticism, because it is lived in the skin and in the heads of its two main characters.

A man (a prominent actor who, after having staged a play, comes to recharge his batteries in thalassotherapy) and a woman who loved each other fifteen years earlier then separated and lost touch before fate brought them together again in this little corner of Brittany. Accompanied by the soundtrack of a very inspired Vincent Delerm, Brizé films this dormant passion which little by little resurfaces in spite of them – because they are each a couple – with a sensitivity which is matched only by the precision of the loving gaze that he focuses on his two actors, letting their silences, their looks, their blushing skin say more than a thousand words.

Guillaume Canet has certainly already played doubles of himself in Rock n' roll And Him but never in years had he appeared so luminous, so naked in front of a director's camera. And in front of him, there are no words to describe the interpretation so fair, so precise, so spare, so profound.Alba Rohrwacher. This film is above all theirs. That of their stunning alchemy.

By Stéphane Brizé. With Guillaume Canet, Alba Rohrwacher, Sharif Andoura… Duration 1h55. Released March 20

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