On the road to Madison is a film in affiliation with Ruthless (review)

On the road to Madison is a film in affiliation with Ruthless (review)

Clint Eastwood’s film will be rebroadcast on Sunday on TF1 Séries Films.

It is one of the most beautiful love stories seen in cinema. In On the road to Madison, Clint Eastwood touches, by putting into images a liaison as short as it is passionate. Carried by a Meryl Streep dazzling, this feature film released in 1995 won a fine line-up of prestigious nominations. In particular, he was in the running in 1996 for the César for best foreign film, for the Oscar for best actress, but also for the Golden Globes for best dramatic film and best actress. Well-deserved nominations for a touching and sweet feature film.

The pitch? Michael Johnson and his sister Caroline return to their childhood farm to settle the estate of their mother, Francesca. They will discover a whole section of their mother’s life ignored by all, her brief, intense and unforgettable affair with a passing photographer.

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Here is an excerpt from Eric Libiot’s review, published in First when it was released in September 1995. “In a way, On the road to Madison is a film in line with Ruthless. The latter sounds like a definitive update on the genre film in general and the western in particular. Here, through the dialogues of his character as a photographer, it is the whole question of the ephemeral of cinema and of past or future work that is posed. (…) This is undoubtedly the first time that Eastwood has spoken with such clarity, acuity and humility of his position as an artist. (…) The dark and backlit photo of Green only accentuates this intimate and particular atmosphere, as if the two characters lived in an (almost) perfect world where nothing but them of importance.”

Trailer of On the road to Madison :

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