One Piece: the crazy blooper video from season 1

One Piece Season 2 Gets Stronger Before Filming Starts

A new co-showrunner joins the ship.

A year after the success of the first season, One Piece is preparing to take on Netflix again with its season 2. And Deadline reveals today that production has just been strengthened with the arrival of Joe Tracz.

The screenwriter joined the team as co-showrunner. He has just come out of a great success, he who co-wrote Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney Plus. Tracz will work alongside showrunner, writer and executive producer Matt Owens, as well as Steve Maeda, who helped develop the series.

The filming of season 2 of One Piece is expected to begin early next year, with no release date announced yet. Certainly not before the end of 2025, on Netflix.

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