Only Murders In The Building: what we know about season 4

Only Murders in the Building leaves New York for season 4

Charles, Oliver and Mabel are heading west…

Change of scenery for Only Murders in the Building ! The New York-based crime comedy will be moving to California for season 4! In a new interview with Deadline, one of Hulu’s Disney bosses confirms:

“I’m very excited to see Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez take a little break, leave their apartment building and come to Los Angeles. In the same way that creator John Hoffman used Broadway as a backdrop to tell Season 3 , the same unique vision of Only Murders will be applied in Los Angeles.”

It should be remembered that in the finale of season 3, Mabel received an invitation from her boyfriend Tobert (Jesse Williams), to accompany her to California, while Oliver encouraged his girlfriend Loretta (Meryl Streep) to move in California to be with his son Dickie. And then Charles will probably want to leave Arconia, at least temporarily, after a bullet aimed at him…

It is not yet known whether Meryl Streep or Jesse Williams will reprise their roles in season 4 ofOnly Murders in the Building, which does not yet have a date. The series can be seen in France on Disney Plus.

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