French box office: already 5 million admissions for Barbie and Oppenheimer!

Oppenheimer becomes the biggest US box office hit to never top the charts

A strange record held before him by Tous en scène (2016).

Came out in front of Barbie, Oppenheimer debuted at No. 2 over the weekend of July 21, and held that position for most of its US theatrical run, doubled only one weekend by In very troubled waters. In one month, the biopic of the father of the atomic bomb, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, reached 270 million dollars in revenue in the country, which made it break an exceptional record: it is the biggest success of US box office history never to have topped the charts.

All the records broken by “Barbenheimer” at the box office

Since 2016, it is All on stageexited in front of Rogue One: A Star Wars Storythen doubled by Hidden Figureswhich had obtained this title by accumulating stack 270 million receipts in domestic without ever having throned at the head of the box office. Oppenheimer now counts 272.5, and this score has not finished climbing.

In the world too, it is a huge success: it has already passed 650 million dollars in revenue and should end its run around 800 million.

Note that in France, even if the box offices are calculated in admissions and not in receipts, it has already happened that a film recorded excellent scores without ever being at the top of the ranking, even if this remains exceptional. In the spring of 1998, theth first Taxi had thus accumulated more than 6 million entries by being constantly behind Titanic, The Dinner Game And The Visitors 2. It got off to a good start (with almost 850,000 tickets sold in the first week), but the competition was so strong that there was always one of these three other films ahead of it in the rankings.

Finally, let us specify that if his trilogy Dark Knight has always started at the top of the charts, this is not the first time that Christopher Nolan has released a film and debuted in second position. In 2014, Interstellar had faced the New heroes from Disney and it had started just below him: at $47.5 million vs. 56.2. Ironically, over the weeks, the SF film had held up better than the animated production and at the end of the race, it beat it by 20 million greenbacks: it accumulated precisely 677 against 657 for Big Hero 6.

Here is the trailer forOppenheimerwhich is still in theaters… and in second place at the box office:

Oppenheimer is Christopher Nolan’s first R-Rated film since…

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