Ourika: what’s coming up for season 2

Ourika: what’s coming up for season 2

Co-creator Clément Godart shares his long-term plans with us.

While season 1 ofOurika is the most viewed program on Prime Video in France for several days, the criminal series Booba is heading straight towards a season 2. A sequel anticipated by the co-creator Clement Godart and the screenwriter Marine Francou.

At the end of the final episode 7, we understand thatOurika has other, even more ambitious plans. “We start from 2005 and we want to reach 2024”, explains to Première Clement Godart, met at the Séries Mania festival. “This series is written like that. We want to decipher how drug trafficking takes billions from our State, without us being able to fight against it… There are so many directors who try to show this, without understanding much of it. Series about drug trafficking spend their time glorifying the rise of a kingpin. And that doesn't interest me.”

SO Clement Godart assures him: “The face-off between cops and thugs is not over at the end of the first season. The door is open, because there is a dance that is born between Driss and William.”

Above all, the ambition of the series is to go further into drug trafficking. To explore international business, continuing the experience of a former drug cop Clement Godart. Season 2 should therefore take a trip to Latin America,”but also the Antilles. Because already, there, it's France.” He continues by clarifying his idea:

“We want to show how drugs pass from Venezuela to France. We want to show the narco-states, show reality, to speak to the public. Season 1 starts the story starting from the point of deal, goes through Morocco, shows the origins, makes the issues and geopolitics understood. And then, we will show the international scale, up to today…”

Ourika therefore seems to already have a ready-made plan, over several seasons.

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