Pedro Almodovar regrets that Pedro Pascal is locked into a category

Pedro Almodovar regrets that Pedro Pascal is locked into a category

“He’s a real actor (…) he can do more than what we make him do,” according to the filmmaker, who has just offered him a role in Strange Way of Life.

In an interview for the media The Independent, Pedro Almodóvar speaks about the actor’s talent Pedro Pascal. He plays one of the two main roles alongsideEthan Hawke in his western, Strange Way of Life, presented at Cannes in 2023. In this 30-minute short film, Silva (Pedro Pascal) crosses the desert to find his childhood friend Jake (Ethan Hawke), became sheriff. Very quickly we understand that the relationship between the two men is more intimate than a simple friendship.

Pedro Pascal continues leading roles in successful series (The Mandalorian ; The Last of Us) and is already part of the three-star cast announced for the sequel to Gadiatornext to Paul Mescal And Denzel Washington. The actor has nothing left to prove, but Almodóvar is indignant that he is not offered more varied roles: “He’s a real actor. He can do comedy and drama. He can do musicals and classical theater. (…) I have the impression that people categorize it.

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The Spanish filmmaker argues by taking as an example the current roles played by Pedro Pascal : “I hope that with Strange Way of Lifepeople will have a revelation and say to themselves: ‘He can do more than we make him do.’ Not just epic roles! I have nothing against epic roles, but it is more complete, it’s a shame to limit it to that.

Pedro Pascal achieved international recognition thanks to the series Game Of Thrones And Narcos. Having broken through on the world stage thanks to epic roles, it is not impossible that this profile sticks to him, even if he made some deviations by playing the villain of Wonder Woman 84 and two comic roles in A talent made of solid goldwith Nicolas Cage as well as in Drive Away Dolls, Ethan Coen’s first solo film (in theaters March 13, 2024). While it is already launched for the second season of The Last of Usa choice like that of Strange Way of Life allows him to diversify his acting palette.

The second season of The Last of Us is delayed because of the writers’ and actors’ strike and Gladiator 2 hopes to hold its release date of November 20, 2024 in theaters.

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