Pierre Niney reveals that Fiasco is mainly inspired by the chaotic filming of Babylon AD

Pierre Niney reveals that Fiasco is mainly inspired by the chaotic filming of Babylon AD

“The fact that Mathieu Kassovitz agreed for the documentary to be released, hats off!”

On the occasion of the release on Netflix of the comedy series Fiascowhich tells the story of how a historic film shoot turns into a nightmare, Pierre Niney And Geraldine Nakache were the guests of Florent Bernard and Adrien Ménielle in the last Floodcast. The two animators proposed a game related to this release, about real films which had a very complicated production process.

After guessing a handful, Pierre Niney, who co-imagined this story with his accomplice Igor Gotesman (Five, Business Family…) tells precisely which film was their main source of inspiration for writing Fiasco :

“I was sure you would talk about Babylon AD., the film by Mathieu Kassovitz, with Vin Diesel which apparently was undrinkable. They blew it up without filming. They launched all the explosions that cost I don't know how many millions of dollars…”

Cut to evoke “its crazy making-of”, Fucking Kassovitzwhich goes behind the scenes of the making of this film, Pierre Niney adds: “That was the one that inspired us the most.” We see precisely all the problems encountered by the director of Hatewho does not appear to be the main culprit, nor the only victim, of this chaotic shooting. “The fact that he agreed to let it come out, hats off!”adds Niney.

In Fiasco, he plays an aspiring director, who tries to bring to fruition his first feature film, an adventure mixing several historical periods (prehistory, the Viking invasions, the landings…). The problems pile up, and for good reason: we understand during these catastrophic shots that one of the members of the team is doing everything to sabotage the film!

In addition to Pierre Niney and Géraldine Nakache, Fiasco is worn by François Civil, Pascal Demolon, Juliette Gasquet, Vincent Cassel… Here is its trailer:

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