Quentin Dupieux unveils a funny poster for The Second Act

Raphaël Quenard reveals the first real extract from the Second Act, by Quentin Dupieux

“Sorry for the wait !”

The teaser of Second actthe film of Quentin Dupieux which will open the 77th Cannes Film Festival tomorrow, showed nothing of the film: we simply saw its key actors, Vincent Lindon, Louis Garell, Raphaël Quenard, Léa Seydoux and Manuel Guillot walking, taking turns pulling each other's covers. by claiming to be the star of the feature film.

An idea imprinted on Splendid, which made the same type of joke to promote the highly anticipated Tanned people go skiing, in 1979? After all, following the success of the first opus, and given that the whole pitch was in the title, banking on its popular casting was a good way to get people talking about the film without showing anything specific about it.

Same here, then, and the original poster of this comedy said no more. But a few hours before the start of the festivities, Raphaël Quenard still shared a real extract from the Second act. A dialogue scene, in a restaurant, which we assume to be at the beginning of the film, given that it illustrates its pitch.

Léa Seydoux plays Florence, a young woman in love with David (Louis Garrel) and who intends to introduce him to his father, Guillaume, played by Vincent Lindon. But these feelings are not reciprocated and David tries to push Florence into the arms of his friend, Willy, played by Raphaël Quennardhero of Yannick. This farcical situation takes place in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, obviously run by Manuel Guillot's character.

To find out more, go to cinemas from tomorrow, Tuesday May 14, 2024.

Quentin Dupieux will not promote The Second Act: “I want to shut up”

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