RIP El Muerto?  Sony has removed the Spider-Man spin-off from its schedule

RIP El Muerto? Sony has removed the Spider-Man spin-off from its schedule

Kraven the Hunter is a priority for the studio, which puts aside its adaptation of the adventures of the Latino wrestler.

While a Spider Man 4 starring Tom Holland won’t be released in cinemas until at least 2025, its star having taken a year off after the exhausting experiences of No Way Home and The Crowded Room, Sony is preparing several spin-offs of the saga. In addition to Venom 3there will be Kraven the hunterwith Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Madame Webworn by Dakota Johnson, and the studio also announced in April 2022 the launch ofEl Muerto.

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He’s not the most famous superhero in Marvel comics, and for good reason: this wrestler who gets superpowers as soon as he puts on his mask. “lucha libre” was only created in 2006 by Peter David and cartoonist Roger Cruz. The presence of popular rapper Bad Bunny to embody him still intrigued fans of wrestling, a spectacular sport of which he is a fan.

Jonás Cuarón, the son of Alfonso Cuarón (with whom he co-wrote Gravity with Rodrigo Garcia), was chosen last October to direct the feature film. Except that since then, the shots have not been announced, and that Sony has just removed it from its release schedule: El Muerto was scheduled for January 2024 at the cinema, but this deadline will not be tenable. Empire explains that the delay in this production is due in particular to the scriptwriters’ strike which is currently affecting Hollywood, and that at the same time, Bad Bunny has a very busy schedule, since it will be on tour all summer.

The Book of Clarenceby Jeymes Samuel, replaces El Muerto on January 12, 2024, and Sony should announce a new schedule for this film soon. Unless it is abandoned? The fact of not redating it from the start is not necessarily a good sign in this industry where superheroic productions are planned very far in advance…

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