Robert de Niro shouts on the set of Zero Day... and creates a buzz despite himself

Robert de Niro shouts on the set of Zero Day… and creates a buzz despite himself

A video published on social networks shows a severely angry Robert De Niro… but contrary to what has been shared, this has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

At 80, the actor Taxi Driver, The Freedmen And Journey to the end of hell is (finally) launching a career in television with two upcoming series including a Netflix production. In fiction Zero Day, Robert DeNiro plays George Mullen, a former president of the United States who comes out of retirement to lead an investigative commission into a potential global crisis after a serious threat of a cyber attack. Riddled with conspiracy theories, this six-episode series will seek to restore the truth in a world in crisis where conspiracies disrupt reality.

A series caught in its own trap when a video showing De Niro yelling at a group of individuals goes around social networks… even though all this is not real, contrary to what Internet users may have believed .

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Published by an anonymous source last Tuesday, the actor can be heard saying at the heart of the video:

“It's not a movie, it's reality! It's dangerous and they say they're going to do it again! Again! You don't want that. Nobody wants that. Come on, let's be serious.”

The extract was immediately taken up by pro-Israel accounts which, in the Israel/Palestine conflict, attest that the actor was losing his temper against a crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The case grew and the next day, De Niro's teams wanted to speak out and put the video in context. As reported by the American media Varietyit was a rehearsal on the set of Zero Day in midtown Manhattan.

“De Niro's speech was 100% scripted. The video was a small glimpse into rehearsals for a scene from the Netflix series Zero Day which was filmed in the streets of New York on April 27 and where the character played by De Niro opposes a group (all extras).”

Netflix subsequently confirmed the teams' statements: if De Niro does not hide his political ideas (he is notably a convinced anti-Trump), in this case there is no link between this filming and the latest demonstrations in New York. York in support of Palestine.

From the creators of Narcos, Narcos: Mexico And GriseldaEric Newman, and produced by the producers of Homeland, Zero Day will be alongside Jesse Plemons (Civil War) who is also visible in the background of the video, Angela Bassett (American Horror Story, Black Panther), Lizzy Caplan, Connie Britton (Nashville), Joan Allen and Matthew Modine (Birdy).

No date has yet been communicated.

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