Rush: Ron Howard Unleashes the Speedsters (Review)

Rush: Ron Howard Unleashes the Speedsters (Review)

This excellent film by Ron Howard will be rebroadcast on Sunday evening on Arte.

On this election night, several channels will be taken up by the political event: no films planned on TF1 or France 2/France 3 exceptionally at the end of this weekend.

On the other hand, Arte will offer Rush (2013), the F1 movie by Ron Howardwhich risks losing the ratings race, even if it is well worth a look. His pitch? In 1976, during the Formula 1 world championship, the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ​​two drivers with opposing styles and world views, rages.

Rush? “It’s less a sports movie and more a behind-the-scenes rock’n’roll story,” warns Ron Howard

Here is our review:

How do you prefer your F1 driver? Sexy and flamboyant like the British James Hunt or Machiavellian and cerebral like the Austrian Niki Lauda? But why choose? The great idea of Rushthe story of the clash between the two champions during the 1976 season, is precisely not to decide. To pose as a character study ” two in one “ where we would tremble alternately for one (Chris Hemsworthoverwhelming with charisma and coolness) then for the other (Daniel Brühlin the best role of his career).

Beyond the obvious desire to free oneself from the conventions of the sports film (one champion, one destiny), the screenwriter Peter Morgan found in this treatment “democratic” material for an ultra-dynamic story, in perpetual motion. The author of The Queen also has the good taste to avoid the pitfalls of historical dissertation and vintage fetishism. There is certainly here, in the background, a reflection on the incredible era of permissiveness that was the 70s, but the essential is played out elsewhere. At ground level. In the adrenaline rushes and in the inexorable crescendo that punctuate the great F1 seasons, all magnificently rendered by a Ron Howard in overdrive.

From a director who has recently been a fan of soft crusts (Angels & Demons, The dilemma), it might seem surprising, but that would be forgetting that the man began his career by shooting a B series called… Let go of the cars. More than thirty-five years later, the bath of youth of this good old Ronnie takes on the appearance of an over-exciting ride.

Frederic Foubert

Chris Hemsworth: “James Hunt embodies the freedom of the 70s”

Rush of Ron Howardwith Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde. Trailer :

Daniel Brühl: “Rush turns an F1 season into a real human drama”

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