Russell Crowe reframes Dakota Johnson after Madame Web: "You're here for the wrong reasons"

Russell Crowe reframes Dakota Johnson after Madame Web: “You’re here for the wrong reasons”

Ridley Scott’s favorite actor, starring in Kraven the Hunter, the next Sony production, has a strong opinion on the comments made by the actress about superhero films.

On display in Kraven the Hunterthe fifth installment of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which will feature Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the spotlight, Russell Crowe returned to the controversies which surrounded the promotion of Madame Web. Remember that the plot of Madame Web precedes that of Kraven the Hunter, which will be the genesis of the spider-man’s mortal enemy.

Dakota Johnson will never make a movie like Madame Web again

Asked by GQ about the recent releases of Dakota Johnsonwho plays the title role in Sony’s latest flop, and has said he never wants to do anything “similar to the future”the sixty-year-old actor was quite severe towards his younger sister:

“I don’t want to comment on what others have said or their experience, but… What I hear is that she signed on for a Marvel movie and a f*cking universe of cartoon characters… and that she didn’t have enough pathos for her taste. I don’t really know how I can make things better for her. It’s a gigantic machine, and they make films of a certain scale. “

The interpreter of Gladiator of Ridley Scott recalls that he too was entitled to his share of superhero filming because, before his character of Nikolaï Kravinoff in Kravenhe was the Jor-El of Zack Snyder DC Universe, and the Zeus of Taika Waititi In Thor: Love and Thunder :

“I experienced it on the DC side with Man of SteelZack Snyder, on the side of Marvel via Disney with Thor: Love and Thunderbut also on the side of the dark universe of Marvel (produced by Sony) with Kraven the Hunter. These are jobs. You know : ‘Here’s your role, play it’. If we expect it to change our lives, I don’t think we’re here for the right reasons.”

Russell Crowe, however, concedes to Dakota Johnson that not all experiences are the same:

“Work on blue screen can be a challenge, because you have to convince yourself of much more than just the internal thoughts of your character. I don’t know her, I don’t know what she went through, and having a crappy experience on film, yes, it’s possible. But what is this ‘Marvel process’ she’s referring to? I’m not sure we can talk about it like that. Personally, I haven’t had a bad experience.”

He concludes on this point, emphasizing the artistic aspect that remains at Marvel, embodied by the directors:

“OK, Thor is a Marvel movie, but it’s Taika Waititi’s world, and it was just a pleasure every day, fooling around with him. And then, work with JC Chandor on Kraven, it was really fun. Many of these directors have a certain level of skill – they are true geniuses. Think about what to master for a second. All. The composition, the framing, the color, the music, the off-camera. Either it’s about Jocelyn Moorhouse or Ridley Scott, you are dealing with geniuses.”

Kraven the Hunter will be released on December 18 in cinemas. Russell Crowe, who recently admitted to being nostalgic and even jealous of the actors of Gladiator 2will also soon resume his role as The Vatican Exorcist in a second part planned for 2025.

Russell Crowe is really struggling with Gladiator 2

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