Samy Naceri: "There were indeed four Lethal Weapons, I don't see why we wouldn't do a lot of Taxi"

Samy Naceri: “There were indeed four Lethal Weapons, I don’t see why we wouldn’t do a lot of Taxi”

In 2000, the actor was on the cover of Premiere for Taxi 2.

TF1 continues its Taxi cycle with the rebroadcast of n°2, on this Tuesday evening. In 2000, First had met Samy Naceri to talk about the success of the first episode and what was planned for the sequel. The actor returned to his career without language of wood, evoking in passing his problems with justice and his disgust with the tabloid press.

During the interview conducted by Christophe Carrière, he said he was proud of the success of the franchise produced by Luc Besson and the notoriety that had resulted from it, revealing that he had immediately signed for No. 2 without raising the stakes. regarding his salary, and that he was ready to shoot more. He also returned to the fatal accident that occurred during a stunt on the set and its consequences for the team.

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Excerpts from the interview published in the First #277 :

The filming of Taxi 2 also had its dose of hassle…
Unfortunately, yes. Two weeks after the start of filming, there is the accident of Alain Dutarte. You are scheduled to shoot at 3 p.m., the second assistant calls you in the morning and announces to you, when you are half asleep, that there has been a misfortune and you are not shooting… I was immediately on the set and there, I took a big slap. The car was mine. I slept in it between two takes… (…) The journalists told everything and anything. Not only is a friend dead, but the press is spoiling the story. I was even asked to pose at the scene of the tragedy!

What difference between Taxi And Taxi 2 ?
More spectacular. The characters are posed, no need to present them. And there is a lot more text than in the first one. We go up from Marseille to Paris and there are pursuits in the capital.

Did you do stunts like in the first one?
Oh well, no! Finally, much less than expected. After what happened, everyone redoubled their vigilance, and Rémy Julienne’s son came as reinforcements… If we had had another misfortune, the film was dead.

We offer you a lot of ersatz Taxi ?
No, it’s fine. I was offered a role as a speedy pizza delivery guy. I refused. On the other hand, whatever the scenario, I drive a lot!

And if you are offered Taxis 3 ?
I say yes. Anyway, if the 2 works, it is clear that there will be a 3. There have been four Fatal weapon. I don’t see why we wouldn’t do lots of Taxi. As long as I can still drive and I’m not wobbly, I keep going.

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The future proved Samy Nacery right, since Taxi 2 recorded the biggest card of the saga with more than 10 million entries. And he was then at the head of two additional opuses.

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On the other hand, the actor does not return in Taxi 5to the regret of director Franck Gastambide.

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