Season 20 of Grey's Anatomy finally begins filming

Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy finally begins filming

Blocked by the strike, production finally resumes.

For the first time in two decades, there is no Grey’s Anatomy to eat this fall. There won’t be any all winter anyway. The strike which paralyzed all of Hollywood for many months pushed back the filming of season 20.

He has just started. The doctors at Gray Sloan in Seattle put on their coats in recent days to film the first episodes. The actors, like James Pickens, Jr., Caterina Scorsone, Jake Borelli and Harry Shum Jr., display their reunion on the networks with these few photos posted online, which reveal the first shots after this very, very long break.

As a reminder, season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy should only have 10 episodes. It will only be broadcast from March 2024 in the United States and then in France on TF1.

At the same time, the spin-off Station 19 was canceled and will end after season 7.

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