Song Kang-ho returns in the lit trailer for It's Shooting in Seoul!

Song Kang-ho returns in the lit trailer for It’s Shooting in Seoul!

Director Kim Jee-woon reunites with the star of Parasite for a crazy film that plays with Korean cinema.

This will be their fifth collaboration together. Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-woon find Song Kang-hohis favorite actor The Good, the Bad and the Crazy (2008) for It’s filming in Seoul!originally named In The Web (Or Cobweb). The trailer revealed today promises enormous madness playing with the codes of Korean cinema and the boom it experienced in the heart of the 70’s:

Imagined during the pandemic, when the director had ideas “pessimists” about the end of the world, he says he wished “send a message of hope and tentative optimisme” with this film whose stated objective is to say: “Cinema will continue, just as life continues despite all its ironies and difficulties.”

Presented out of competition during the last Cannes Film Festival, It’s filming in Seoul! takes place in 1970 Seoul: “Kim wants to remake the ending of her film “Cobweb”. But the censorship authorities and complaints from actors and producers continue to interfere and great disorder ensues on the set. Kim must therefore overcome this chaos, to complete what he believes to be his ultimate masterpiece…”

In addition to the star of Parasitewe will find in the cast Im Soo-jeong, Oh Jung-se and Jeon Yeo-been.

It’s filming in Seoul will be released on November 8 in cinemas in France.

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