Did One Piece Season 2 Just Cast Jamie Lee Curtis?

Did One Piece Season 2 Just Cast Jamie Lee Curtis?

The Oscar-winning star may have landed a major role in the Netflix series… thanks to an Instagram post!

Freshly renewed for a season 2 by Netflix, One Piece already has his scripts ready. And obviously, they understand Doctor Kureha. The famous manga character could even have been cast this weekend… via Instagram!

Jamie Lee Curtis posted a message asking to join the Straw Hat Pirates crew. “Once the (actors’) strike is settled with a fair contract, I will. I will push with fan frenzy to become Doctor Kureha,” launched the recently Oscar-winning actress for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

A bottle in the sea ? Not really since showrunner Matt Owens immediately responded: “No need to lobby. Once we get what we deserve (with the strike), once we get back to work, let’s talk about it !”

The screenwriter of the Netflix series indicates that he is fully up for recruiting Jamie Lee Curtis and that negotiations will open between the production and its agents.

Dr. Kureha is a 141-year-old doctor, referred to as a “witch” by some due to her advanced age. She works on Drum Island and is the mentor and adoptive mother of Tony Tony Chopper, the one who will become the doctor of Luffy’s team, already announced for season 2 of One Pieceon Netflix.

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