Star of The Sopranos and Joey, she is today on OnlyFans to make ends meet

Star of The Sopranos and Joey, she is today on OnlyFans to make ends meet

Drea de Matteo says that her stance against the obligation of anti-COVID vaccination on the sets got the better of her acting career.

You can have won an Emmy Award, been a villain Desperate Housewives and the sister of Joey of Friendsand struggled to work in Hollywood.

Drea de Matteostar of the small screen of the 2000s, notably thanks to Sopano, opened an OnlyFans account at the end of August. She posts suggestive photos of herself in skimpy outfits or naked, but nothing pornographic. His fans can watch for a subscription of $15 per month.

The star reveals that if she is now on this paid platform for explicit content, it is because COVID got the better of her acting career. Publicly opposed to compulsory vaccination on sets, she saw the doors close:

Things have changed in the last three years…” she says in an interview with Fox News Digital. “It’s a time in my life where I should have been more relaxed. But all of a sudden I find myself having to change careers and find new things to live for, because my own industry thinks I I am, basically, a savage!“The 51-year-old actress thus alludes to the way in which she was portrayed by the media after her positions on social networks. Her agent dropped her and by no longer working, she “almost lost” his home.

I guess you could say I was a bad girl for not following the rules a few years ago. I never want to be at the mercy of obligations, strikes or anything like that again“. Therefore, Drea de Matteo chose to pivot to OnlyFans and other new sources of income.

“People find it hard to believe that I’ve never really made a lot of money for all my roles. I’ve bounced around from job to job and turned down tons of jobs in the past just to be with my kids because their dad is a musician (Shooter Jennings). He’s on the road and he’s not home a lot.”

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