The 10 films and series to watch on Netflix in March 2024 in France

The 10 films and series to watch on Netflix in March 2024 in France

Marina Foïs is a Fury, Adam Sandler is a Spaceman, Theo James is a Gentleman and Millie Bobby Brown is a Lady.

FURIES – series – March 1st

Marina Foïs is at the helm of this John Wick-style action series, opposite Mathieu Kassovitz who promises to be a real hit. “Seeking revenge after the death of her father, a young woman finds herself caught in the web of the Fury, guardian of order within Parisian organized crime..”

SPACEMAN – film – March 1

Adam Sandler directs this strange, intimate sci-fi film, with the formidable Carey Mulligan. “Six months after his departure, an astronaut on a solo mission tries to save his failing marriage with the help of a mysterious creature hiding in his ship.”

SUPERSEX – series – March 6

The story of Rocco Siffredi, his relationship with women and love in general. Played by Alessandro Borghi this “biopic series is loosely inspired by the life of the world’s biggest porn star.”


Guy Ritchie replays his 2019 film, in a new TV version carried by Theo James and Kaya Scodelario. “When Eddie, an aristocrat, inherits the family estate, he discovers a huge weed empire…And the operators have no intention of abandoning it!


Netflix superstar Millie Bobby Brown plays fantasy heroine in this epic YA epic from Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. “A docile young woman agrees to marry a handsome prince and realizes that the royal family has chosen to sacrifice her to repay an old debt. Thrown into a cave housing a fire-breathing dragon, she will only be able to count on her intelligence and courage to survive.”

YOUNG ROYALSseason 3 – series – March 11

The Swedish drama is back. “As Hillerska faces the worst crisis in the school’s history, Wilhelm and Simon face heartbreaking revelations and must make important decisions.”

OUTREAU: A FRENCH NIGHTMARE – documentary – March 15

An edifying investigation that takes us back into “one of the greatest legal tragedies in France. In the early 2000s, in the north of France, the young judge Burgaud is responsible for investigating accusations of pedophilia within a family. But the case becomes more and more complex as the investigation progresses, when other residents of the town also appear to be involved. Between accusations and counter-accusations, the judicial machine is seizing up.”

IRISH WISH – film – March 15

Lindsay Lohan makes her comeback in a fantastic romantic comedy. “While the one of her heart is getting married, Maddie sits on a wishing chair in the Irish countryside… When she gets up, she’s the bride, instead of her best friend!

THE 3-BODY PROBLEM – series – 03/21

The showrunners of Game Of Thrones, David Benioff and DB Weiss, adapt a great Chinese science fiction novel into a huge series with biblical ambitions. “On several continents and years apart, five brilliant friends make astonishing discoveries while the laws of science are disrupted and a serious threat emerges.

THE WAGES OF FEAR – film – 03/29

The director of Robbers signs this remake of a great French classic. Franck Gastambide, Alban Lenoir, Ana Girardot and Sofiane Zermani are behind this “shock team which has less than 24 hours to transport two trucks full of explosives through a hostile region and prevent a terrible catastrophe.”

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