Superchondriac: What is the reunion between Kad Merad and Dany Boon worth?

Superchondriac: What is the reunion between Kad Merad and Dany Boon worth?

Six years after Welcome to the Ch’tis, Dany found Kad for a new comedy, broadcast Sunday evening on TF1.

In 2008, Dany Boon recorded a phenomenal success at the box office thanks to its comedy Welcome to the Ch’tis. Six years later, he rehired Kad Merad For Superchondriac, the story of a hardened bachelor who is constantly convinced that he has caught the latest disease. Kad plays his doctor, who figures there’s only one way to de-stress his most loyal patient: help him find the woman of his life.

A new success for the duo, since 5.2 million spectators made the trip to the cinema in 2014. What is their reunion worth? Superchondriacwhich will be rebroadcast on Sunday evening on TF1, had a lot of fun Firsteven if this film is overall less successful than The Sticks.

“The pitch of Dany Boon’s fourth feature film is enticing. The opening, thunderous and funny, takes place on New Year’s Eve: the traditional wind (a vector of disease) triggers a hurricane of panic in Romain The comedy of the situation fades little by little, and hypochondria fades into the background when our (anti)hero addicted to hydroalcoholic gel finds himself caught up in a story of revolution in an imaginary Balkan country.

Bizarrely constructed, as if there were two films in one, and of an exaggerated duration, Superchondriac sometimes plays awkwardly on several registers, from the most visual burlesque to romantic comedy, passing through the misunderstandings dear to the theater of the boulevard. We get lost a little before finding ourselves there. In the reconstituted duet of Welcome to the Ch’tis, with Dany Boon as august and Kad Merad as a white clown, the latter lacks a constructed and substantiated score. The main question remains: are we laughing? Yes, but not enough.

Note that this airing is scheduled around the time the actor-director released this year life for real, a comedy also worn by Kad Merad (and Charlotte Gainsbourg). It is now visible on VOD, for example on First Max.

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