Suzanne Jouannet takes Frédéric Mermoud's Royal Road (trailer)

Suzanne Jouannet takes Frédéric Mermoud’s Royal Road (trailer)

In his new feature film, the Swiss director recounts the birth of a vocation/transformation.

Frederic Mermoud is a regular in learning stories. In The Staircase And accomplices already, he had approached the theme of the first emotions of love, or rather the period which he considers to be the “key moment when you become an actor in your life, when you have to make choices“. Including during studies. This is precisely the challenge that we feel, from the first images under pressure from The royal roadaround its main performer, Suzanne Jouannet.

Suzanne Jouannet, the revelation of Human Things

The one we discovered in Human things in the role of a sensitive and vulnerable young girl seems to have hardened herself in the skin of Sophie, a brilliant and swinging high school student under the direction of Mermoud who compares her to a sportswoman, or a musician. Sporty because she gives herself body and soul in the fight/competition of her life: to integrate Polytechnique; musician by the rigor and the seriousness which she demonstrates to retain all the scores (based on equations and endless scales) of her scientific preparatory class.

How about we start dreaming?“, asks her math teacher in the first seconds of the trailer. The young woman is about to fly away from the family nest and leave her farm to take the more royal path that will allow her to realize this dream. Because for the little girl who grew up in a rural town and her modest environment, the feeling of imposture and illegitimacy will be the first obstacle to her social ascent.

“I wanted to place the universe of the film in a sociological and contemporary vein. I wanted to tell the story of a character from a more modest background, who is not predestined for this kind of career. », explains Frédéric Mermoud.

Alongside Suzanne Jouannet, we will find Marilyn Canto And Antoine Chappey in the role of parents, but also Mary Columbus (Laeticia, The Magnetics), Maud Wyler (Louise Wimmer), Cyril Metzger (The Event, A young girl who is well).

The royal road will be released in theaters on August 9. Trailer :

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