Tenoch Huerta Drops Netflix Movie After Sexual Assault Accusations, Wants to Clear His Name

Tenoch Huerta Drops Netflix Movie After Sexual Assault Accusations, Wants to Clear His Name

The Black Panther 2 actor has been accused of sexual abuse and emotional control by his ex-girlfriend María Elena Ríos.

Tenoch Huerta has just announced his withdrawal from the film Fiesta in the Madrigueraa feature film currently in preparation at netflix. This decision follows accusations of sexual assault by María Elena Ríos, a saxophonist and Mexican activist, with whom the actor of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was in a relationship for several months.

The actor wants to put his professional life on hold for “continue the process of restoring my reputation”, he explained variety this Wednesday.

“Given the impact of these misrepresentations, I have no choice but to withdraw from the film. Fiesta in the Madriguera. It is with great sadness that I make this decision, but I cannot let this matter harm me and above all harm the work of the talented people involved in the project.”, also said the actor.

At the beginning of June, on Twitter, María Elena Ríos called Tenoch Huerta a “sexual predator”. She also claimed to have been the victim of stealthing, a practice which consists in withdrawing its condom during the sexual act without the knowledge of its partner. In the process, the actor quickly denied these allegations: “these remarks are false, without substance (…) It was a relationship consented to on both sides, and this throughout its duration. There are plenty of people who can attest to that. It was also a warm relationship, with love and mutual support. But when it ended, Elena began to tell it in a distorted way to our mutual friends, in private”.

“It’s very difficult to talk about abuse coming from a man loved by the whole world for having starred in a film like Tenoch Huerta. He seems charming, which is a characteristic of a narcissist who is good at victimization (…) Why didn’t I report him sooner? Because I was afraid of what is happening now: that people refuse to believe that a SUPERHERO is an aggressor, a manipulator and a sexual predator”, concluded María Elena Ríos on Twitter on June 11.

Directed by Manolo Caro (The Casa de las Flores) and written by Nicolás Giacobone (birdman), Fiesta in the Madriguera is still slated for 2024 on Netflix, without the actor.

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