That's it, Megalopolis has a distributor: Francis Ford Coppola's film will be released in cinemas in France

That's it, Megalopolis has a distributor: Francis Ford Coppola's film will be released in cinemas in France

It is Le Pacte, by Jean Labadie, already behind Anatomy of a Fall, which will be responsible for promoting this extraordinary project. Particularly in Cannes.

“The destruction of a city the size of New York after an accident imposes two divergent visions of the future. On the one hand, there is Caesar, an ambitious architect (Adam Driver). On the other, his enemy the Mayor Frank Cicero (Giancarlo Esposito) Their debate is linked to how we could rebuild the city for the future: with renewable materials or via a business as corrupt as those that were put in place previously? conflict, there is also the mayor's own daughter, Julia, a fearless young woman who grew up in this world of power and who is looking for meaning in her life.”

Just before being selected in competition as part of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Megalopolisthe film that Francis Ford Coppola dreamed of touring for over 40 years, was shown to all of Hollywood in order to find its ideal distributor. The filmmaker's associate, Barry Hirsch, explained that finding the right partner to promote such an ambitious project – remember that Coppola invested $120 million in it of his own fortune so as not to have to respond to the demands of a producer- was no small feat:

“Everything is possible. This film offers a magnifying glass that magnifies where we are as a country today. People have told me it's unlike anything else they've seen before, and maybe that's the kind of deal you have to make to distribute it. “We have to be as creative with selling this film as Francis was in making it.”

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Since this discussion, accompanied first opinions of cinema professionals on the film, Megalopolis was therefore selected to be revealed to the public at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, but its selection was announced before even knowing its French distributor: Le Point Pop reveals this week that it is Le Pacte which will be responsible for promoting Megalopolis in France. A big blow for this independent distributor, building on the recent success ofAnatomy of a fallby Justine Triet, who received the Palme d'Or last year, then was acclaimed at the Oscars and the Césars.

Jean Labadie is known for focusing on ambitious projects from all horizons: from Drive to Miserable Passing by Le Transperceneige, Timbuktu, Roubais a light or more recently Borgowith Le Pacte he supports eclectic films made by recognized filmmakers, recalls the source.

“It’s going to be sporty”however reacts anonymously a person close to the negotiations “evoking the uncertain commercial potential of the 26th feature film by one of the greatest active Hollywood directors. (…) The film is surrounded by a double aura of excitement and distrust – the most skeptical fear a reflection of more than two hours which risks driving away the crowds by excessive refusal of conventions.” At Hollywood, Megalopolis has so far been well received, with producers and artists invited to discover it in preview talking about a project “unique”, “never seen”and questioning the younger generation on how they would like to improve society.

“Thank you to everyone who came to see the first screening of Megalopolis, wrote Francis Ford Coppola just after revealing his film in a test screening. Thank you for your support and kind messages. I can't wait to show this film to the world and open the discussion on the subject of our society: is the one we live in the only one possible for us? What do you think?”

This choice of distributor finally guarantees Megalopolis a release in cinemas, at least in France.

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