The Cinémathèque is preparing a retrospective of (and with) David Fincher

The Cinémathèque is preparing a retrospective of (and with) David Fincher

His new film, The Killer, will be presented in preview and in his presence.

Fans of the filmography of David Fincher impatiently awaited it: the French Cinematheque announced a retrospective devoted to the filmmaker, from October 13 to 22. His new movie, The Killercounted among the American productions in competition for the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival, will be presented in opening and preview before its release on netflixscheduled for November 10, 2023. Fincher will be present to participate in a discussion at the time of this screening event.

The selection of the Venice Film Festival 2023

The one who had been absent from the big screen since the series mindhunter (whose third season should not finally see the light of day) and the film mank (2020) returns with a new crime thriller (still very secret), adapted from the eponymous graphic novel by Alexis Nolent (Matz). In his highly anticipated first visuals, we recognize Michael Fassbender as a contract killer, in a Parisian setting, probably observing his next victim… As he prepares to go through an existential crisis, his plans are in danger of being turned upside down.

In the casting, we will also find Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Sophie Charlotte And Tilda Swinton. The Killer marks the new collaboration between David Fincher and Netflix: the adaptation project actually dates back to 2009, when it was under the Paramount banner. It is more than ten years after the streaming giant makes it possible.

On Saturday October 14, following a screening of Zodiacthe 6th film by the American director, a meeting/masterclass will also be held in his presence, entitled “David Fincher by David Fincher, a film lesson”. Here’s a taste:

“Young WorksSeven, Fight Club or Panic Room are markers of their era, when the most recent Zodiac Or The Social Network no longer testify only to manic virtuosity, but to a new form of maturity. That of the greatest.”, salutes the Cinémathèque française.

Michael Fassbender takes us behind the scenes of The Killer, by David Fincher

The ticket office will open on Thursday September 14 At 11 o’clock. At program of this retrospective of the Cinémathèque française dedicated to David Fincher :

Seven (1995)

The Game (1996)

fight club (1998)

Panic Room (2001)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2006)

Zodiac (2007)

The Social Network (2009)

Millennium: Men Who Didn’t Love Women (2010)

Gone Girl (2013)

mank (2019)

The Killer (2023)

All the practical details can be found on the Cinémathèque website

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