The Snow Circle crushes the Goyas, Anatomy of a Fall rewarded

The Snow Circle crushes the Goyas, Anatomy of a Fall rewarded

Snowy fiction was in the spotlight during the Spanish Césars this year!

The 38th Goyas ceremony took place this weekend in Valladolid, capital of the Castile and León region. It’s under the light #MeToo as the evening opened: “Sexual violence and abuse of power have no place in the world of cinema and in Spanish society“, insisted the Cinema Academy, which placed the subject at the center of the ceremony, equivalent to the French Caesars.

This statement is prompted by the recent scandal that broke out at the end of January in Spain. A daily investigation El País reveals the accusation of three women against the filmmaker Carlos Vermut (La Nina de Fuego) for sexual violence.

The liberation of speech leads to other denunciations, that towards Armando Raveloaccused by an artist of having “instigated” to have sex when she was 14 years old. Since this wave of indignation, Spanish cinema has improved its image, particularly with a Minister of Culture involved. The latter announced the creation of a unit specializing in the care of victims of gender-based violence in the culture sector.

The awards have poured in for The Snow Circle of Juan Antonio Bayona, who was awarded no less than 12 Goyas. The captivating disaster film recounts the true crash of Fuerza Aéra Uruguaya flight 571 which carried the Uruguayan rugby team in October 1972. Produced by Netflix, the film marks the history of the Goyas and becomes the third most awarded film in history , placing him behind Mar adentro ofAlejandro Amenabar and Ay, Carmela! of Carlos Saura.

20,000 species of bees marks a success for the first feature film by the Spanish Basque director Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren. Awarded three statuettes, the filmmaker won the Goya for best new director, best original screenplay and best supporting actress for Ane Gabarain. The film was shot in Basque and immortalized the streets of Bayonne in its shots.

France remains in the spotlight at the ceremony, with the international prize awarded to Anatomy of a Fall for best European film. The Palme d’Or Justine Triet generated more than 300,000 admissions in Spain.

The Cesar ceremony will take place in 11 days and the Oscars in 4 weeks, we will see if the most famous Fall will have one more climb on his clock.

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