The Walking Dead Dead City: Negan's trashiest scene in a long time!

The Walking Dead Dead City: Negan’s trashiest scene in a long time!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan recounts the cheese grater sequence that pissed fans off in Episode 3.

We hadn’t seen him like that for a long time. Negan brings out his animal side in the series The Walking Dead Dead City, to the point of grating people’s heads! Spoiler alert!

In episode 3, the towering Luther tried to force him to leave. The two fought. So Negan grabbed a cheese grater and squarely slashed his opponent’s face, in absolutely filthy fashion. Definitely one of Negan’s most chilling scenes in a long time. Jeffrey Dean Morgan says in EW:

“The cheese grater on the face killed me. I was dying of laughter! No but seriously? Am I going to have him with a grater on the face? He is a guy who is about 2 meters tall for 150 kilos of muscle. Negan isn’t that guy. But that survival instinct always makes the difference with him. What can I use to get out of this? To fight back? There happened to be a grater at your fingertips… so why not!”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is quick to temper and point out that Negan tried to avoid confrontation before unleashing his horror: “There’s this whole dance that takes place before the cheese grater where I try to get around the guy. And I warn him three, four times. Negan doesn’t want to fight. But the other doesn’t give him a choice , so Negan tries again to be that guy we’ve known in previous seasons, to do whatever it takes to survive. Negan is Negan, and if that means impaling his opponent on a pipe with a little grin, he go do it !”

Without a doubt, we can recognize the relentless killer who had come out of his trailer at the end of season 6 of The Walking Dead. “He’s Back, Somehow”concludes Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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