Wednesday goes ahead of Stranger Things: Netflix changes the calculation of its audiences

“There will be more action!” Jenna Ortega teases season 2 of Wednesday

On the Emmys red carpet, the actress gave her opinion on the first scripts she was able to read.

Nominated last night in the “Best Actress” category, Jenna Ortega was on the red carpet at the 2023 Emmy Awards and she stopped by the microphone of the E! to share his impressions.

Asked about season 2 of Wednesday in the process, the 21-year-old star reveals having received a few scripts, which are “clearly geared towards a little more horror… It’s really exciting because, throughout the series, even though Wednesday goes through things, she never really changes and that’s what’s great about her. “

Jenna Ortega continues his teasing and confides that the scripts contain “very, very good lines. And then everything is bigger. It’s much more action-packed. Each episode will probably feel a little more like a movie, and that’s good…”

The filming of season 2 of Wednesday will take place in Ireland from April. Expected release in 2025 on Netflix.

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